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PcVue offers many tools to perform the best SCADA application without any programming knowledge. However, for maximum flexibility PcVue also includes two comprehensive scripting languages the SCADA Basic and the Microsoft™ VBA Scripting.

Microsoft™ VBA Scripting


The Microsoft™ VBA Scripting, which can interact with PcVue Trends, alarms, mimics etc. Microsoft™ Visual Basic as an integral part of PcVue provides programmatic access to the properties, methods and events of all built-in drawing elements, the project environment, variables and any ActiveX® components used in the project. Using VBA you can adapt PcVue to the special needs of the user and easily integrate third party software such as spread-sheets, databases and reporting tools.

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SCADA Basic functions are basically able to manage all the PcVue functionalities (HMI, drivers, alarms, historical data, user rights…) allowing you to interact programmatically with most of PcVue treatment using a high level scripting language. The syntax is very similar to Visual Basic, C, and many other languages making the transition easy for anyone with any programming experience.
A powerful editor is available with syntax highlighting, auto-completion and code snippet insertion. To ease your development a contextual help for language instructions and code snippets can automate insertion of all frequently used pieces of code.

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