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Reporting software


Dream Report™ collects and exploits all data that is accessible from any data source to generate high-quality reports dynamically. With Dream Report™ you can access and interact with information coming from industrial systems such as Supervisors (SCADA), DCS, MES, real-time drivers, OPC servers and all other data sources.

The proliferation of systems has created a diverse wealth of data, making plant management more difficult. With Dream Report™ you have a single tool for managing your installations. Dream Report™ is the unique solution that enables you to collect and log your data and alarms from different sources so as to produce reports automatically or on demand and to deliver them anywhere.

Performance and security are the two main objectives of the Runtime module of Dream Report™. This offers dynamic, real-time generation of reports, automatic distribution and a powerful management engine with which users can protect and administer access to each of the modules.

The Dream Report™ Studio module has two parts, the Logger and the Designer. Within the Logger you define the real-time and historical data sources plus the storage configurations of events and alarms. In the Designer you create models for reports, the conditions for running each report, the distribution properties as well as the Web portal. The user interface of the Studio module is highly intuitive and one of the easiest to use since it does not require specific knowledge. The availability of online, multi-language Help is useful for international projects.

The Dream Report™ Web portal is the solution for visualizing, generating and publishing reports to the Internet and intranet. It enables you to share the documents and reports across departments of the enterprise, with customers and with suppliers.