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Architectures & deployment

While designing a SCADA system the challenge is to define the right architecture and deployment solutions to meet the constraints of your system, such as:

  • Operating constraints: how many operators involved remote and time range operations requirements…?
  • Functional constraints: high priority vs low priority processing depending on devices, system availability rate, system reliability level, load balancing,on-line modification capabilities, ease of use, devices/supervisor databases consistency, field network speed, Green IT constraints …
  • The  use of the latest technologies of the leading OS, in order to ensure a maximum of continuity of the system
  • Reliability, scalability requirements
  • Security and safety level expected
  • Costs

Since years many customers have been using PcVue to meet the most complex constraints encountered in the industrial world.


Cyber security

PcVue implements the necessary features of cybersecurity to protect the system against the growing threats accompanying the rapid change in technologies and the widespread use of connected users in industry networks.
SSL encryption and  Secure HTTP (HTTPS)  are supported as well as the Integrated Microsoft Windows® authentication (Active Directory).


PcVue is mobile-ready: access the data of your application from a tablet or a smartphone is easy using the Android app TouchVue.
Monitoring and controlling your application on a web browser is made easy using the light web client WebVue.

PcVue Access Solutions

A quick access to your data, anytime, anywhere and from any device

A set of solutions to access your data from any device including HTML5-enabled equipment.

  • Mobile app with responsive design

Reducing the cost of installation and maintenance:

  • No pre-installation required on clients

Without losing sight of the security approach:

  • Integrated Microsoft Windows® authentication: Active Directory
  • Support of secure HTTP (HTTPS)

data mobile

Multi-station architectures

PcVue was designed right from the start to support multi-station architectures. During its evolution it has responded to a growing demand from users to increase their installations' capacities for supervision and control. The concepts of client/server, distributed architectures and inter-station messaging are native to PcVue and are configured using a networking wizard.
Thus, the development of a multi-station architecture even for large application is much easier, the system more reliable and the time and costs of development are dramatically reduced.
They are available in the Microsoft Windows environments.

Remote Desktop Services

The performances of Windows server platforms are also capitalized by using Remote Desktop Services which allow taking advantage of the PcVue rich clients remotely executed on any device including any terminals with HTML5-compliant web browser.



PcVue is fully compatible with virtualized environments such as vmware® or Hyper-V™, more and more used by the IT, engineering and operations teams to reduce the costs of maintenance, and operations efforts.

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